The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs e-mailed students within its programs — the graduate program in international relations and undergraduate major in international studies — with details about the seminar that retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal will teach this fall, as well as an application to the class.

According to the e-mail, sent Monday by Jackson Institute registrar Alice Kustenbauder, the class, titled simply “Leadership,” will examine the way modern technologies and media and global politics present new challenges for leaders, with a focus on military leadership from 9/11 to the present day. The size of the class will be limited to 20, and graduate and professional students will fill most of the seats, though several spots will be reserved for undergraduates.

Jim Levinsohn, the Jackson Institute’s director, said all graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply to the seminar. Those not enrolled in the Jackson Institute’s programs should request applications from Kustenbauder, he said.

According to Kustenbauder’s e-mail, applicants must detail their qualifications for the class and the ways in which taking it would serve them intellectually and professionally. Hopefuls must also provide their gender and country of citizenship on the application, which is due Aug. 23 by 9 a.m. Decisions will be released Sept. 1.

McChrystal, who served in the military for 34 years, commanded U.S. forces in Afghanistan until this past June, when he was dismissed from his post after derisive comments he and his staff made about top White House officials were made public in an article in Rolling Stone magazine.