Yale’s online directory held a special treat for members of the class of 2014 during a 12-hour window Sunday.

Though residential college assignments were supposed to be mailed along with other rooming information after June 25, a technical glitch on the Yale directory revealed the assignments ahead of official notification. Similar glitches have occurred for past freshman classes; this time Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry sent a note to incoming freshmen saying he regretted the “premature release of this information about college assignments.” Gentry said the assignments were still incomplete, adding that they will be available at the end of June.

Students in India discovered the glitch and then shared the news with classmates all over the world via Facebook. Anjali Ambani ’14, who lamented that “there wasn’t the same grandeur” in finding out about residential colleges than there was in finding out about getting into Yale, also found some humor in the blunder.

“My friend joked about whether his assignment would change if he refreshed the page,” said Ambani, who, according to the online directory’s revelation Sunday, will be in Morse College.