Yalies may have started their summer vacations, but that doesn’t mean the Yale College Dean’s Office is taking a break.

The Office recently published its newly redesigned Yale College website, a consolidated landing page for various College-affiliated organizations and services, from the financial aid office to the Center for International Experience.

“Our new site architecture is streamlined and easy to navigate, incorporating a visually appealing design and up-to-date technology,” Yale College Dean Mary Miller writes on the homepage of the site. “We hope that you like our new look.”

Five students interviewed said they think the new page is an improvement over the former site’s design, which featured a more traditional banner-and-column template still used for the Yale admissions office website and the freshman class homepage.

Indeed, Alix Perry ’12 said she rarely used the former Yale College website because of its inaccessibility, preferring instead to search on the general University homepage for information. But she said the redesigned site would likely be her go-to page from now on.

“It’s very simply looking,” Perry said of the new site. “The photos on the homepage aren’t very good quality, but I think it’s really easy to use.”