Students eating lunch in Commons on Wednesday witnessed a “deportation” of illegal immigrants, staged by MEChA, Yale’s Chicano student organization. Starting at around 12:20 p.m., MEChA members wearing shirts reading “ICE” (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) walked through Commons, demanding identification from diners and handing out fliers explaining an Arizona bill that would require police to crack down on illegal immigrants.

FroCos, dark energy and Provost Peters Salovey’s socks were among the goodies gathered in Hendrie Hall’s band room as part of the Yale Precision Marching Band’s scavenger hunt.

We come in peace. An article in Tuesday’s New York Observer makes the case that the unique and sociable network of true-blue Yalies living and working in the Big Apple (“Yaliens”) has set the University apart from its rivals. The kicker? The author of the article, Leon Neyfakh, graduated from Harvard in 2007.

No more gentleman’s Cs. A recent study on college grade inflation, published in The New York Times on Monday, revealed private colleges are responsible for rises in grade-point averages over the last 50 years. The study collected data from 160 schools and found the average GPA at private colleges stands at 3.3 today, 0.3 points higher than the average of public institutions.

Taking a bite out of crime. The New Haven Police Department will graduate three canine units in a ceremony on Friday. The police pooches just completed a rigorous 12-month training course.


1931 An ad in the News boasts great prices at Carl H. Bolter Inc. on Chapel Street: sweaters for $3.50 and a pair of matching golf hose for just $1.50 more.