Another week, another set of viable, naïve and brave candidates.

We almost had no prospects for this edition of The Blindest Date — the non-heteronormative road is a tough path to travel. Many are unwilling to be profiled and exposed to the will of the people. The process is the same as before: Read the new profiles, go to the scene blog and vote! The two highest scorers will take some actual scene money — and each other — out for a spin. And that ain’t Monopoly bills we’re talking about.

If the YCC election drama made you feel empty and besmirched, then vote for one of these four young lads and make your voice heard. Trust us, it will make you a better person, and judging by our not-so-blind story from last week, it will make our contenders feel … loved.

Andy Cantu ’11

Major: Latin American Studies

INTERESTS: Fence Club, the Gold Coast

RANDOM FACT: “I was almost named after my uncle Cuauhpemoc.”

LOOKING FOR: “Someone who could make me laugh and keep up with my drinking.”

John Riley ’10

Major: Political Science

INTERESTS: Past Duke’s Man, Green Workplace Certification Program through the Office of Sustainability, Communications Director of Students for a New American Politics PAC. Likes good food, bad movies and raging

RANDOM FACT: “I thought this might be embarrassing and then I remember the theme of the year is ‘Why Not? 2010.’”

LOOKING FOR: “Assuming this little shindig won’t result in a pre-husband, I’m looking for someone who’s fun, intellectually challenging, omnivorous, and either a skinny Jewish hipster or a reformed jock. You know.”

Trevor Wagener ’11

Major: Ethics, Politics and Economics

INTERESTS: Yale Political Union, Yale Model Congress, Conservative Party, Fiat Lux, Save the World Club, Anime Club, Yale College Republicans

RANDOM FACT: “I love examining compositional tropes as they manifest in real life. If you’re confused, go to and start reading — you can thank me for robbing you of study time later.”

LOOKING FOR: “What’s anyone looking for besides a friend, a fun interlocutor, and a source of … cuddling? Of course, this question has an implicit assumption, and you know what they say happens when you assume.”

Spencer Klavan ’13

Major: Theater and Classics

INTERESTS: Next year’s co-business manager of Redhot & Blue and “a lot of theater.”

RANDOM FACT: “My favorite Disney princess is Cinderella because she’s a working girl and I have a lot of respect for that.”

LOOKING FOR: Good listener and “someone who’s really good at witty repartee.”