Re: Cross Campus (Feb. 12): I take issue with the characterization of South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sanford as “disgraced.” I understand that Cross Campus as a form, and print media as a whole, call for an economy of words, but the choice of “disgraced” smacks of editorial arrogance.

While Governor Sanford is clearly no longer an authority on marriage, casually dismissing all that he has done and all that for which he has stood because of an indiscretion betrays both an ignorance of his significance and a lack of respect for him as a statesman. Celebrities can be idly tossed aside as “disgraced” after a scandal, but some politicians stand for beliefs, and to dispense with them casually betrays naught but a flippant regard for the conception of politics that a person represents.

Jeremy Weltmer

April 12

The writer is a freshman in Calhoun College and the Floor Leader of the Right of the Yale Political Union.