A judge ruled Wednesday to release the car of Raymond Clark III, who has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13, from police custody. For the full story, visit goydn.com/clark.

Sick of moose? Try some quahog — no, not the town from “Family Guy.” The Ezra Stiles dining hall served an exclusive seafood banquet Monday with more than a dozen varieties, including oysters, calamari and quahogs (hard-shelled clams).

But in the U.S. census, Stiles came up just short: Despite an e-mail Wednesday from Master Stephen Pitti declaring Stiles the first college to get all its students counted, David Broockman ’11, who helped to administer the census, said Silliman was first by just minutes. Overall, the College climbed to 99.3 percent participation Wednesday.

Happy birthday, Rick Levin! Yale’s president turned 63 Wednesday.

Peru: ¡Queremos nuestra herencia! At a two-day, 20-country conference in Cairo on Wednesday, aimed at recovering artifacts from overseas, Peruvian representatives criticized Yale for exhibiting artifacts taken from Machu Picchu ruins by Hiram Bingham III.

YCC presidential candidate Pete Croughan ’12 became the third candidate to release a campaign video. Compared to the video of his rival Courtney Pannell ’11, Pete’s video has 90 percent less dialogue and 400 percent more backflips.

Who’d have thunk it! The New Haven Advocate rated Yale the best four-year college in New Haven. Southern Connecticut State University took the silver. Qpac, located in Hamden, was not included in the competition.

Can anybody spare a condom? Figures dressed in costumes from dragons to drag invaded Bass Library asking for condoms. They took any they received and departed into the night. (Most senior societies conducted their pre-tap rituals Wednesday night.)

Missed having a crossword on Tuesday? Get your fix next Monday at Yale’s crossword tournament with special guest Will Shortz of The New York Times. Can’t wait that long? Wednesday night the Yale Cruciverbalists Society drew up a giant chalk crossword puzzle in front of SML, where clue sheets are available.


1954 During a baseball game, a tool shed behind the right field fence catches fire, requiring two fire engines to put out the blaze. The shed was a “complete loss,” but Yale beat NYU 6–0.