More than a hundred students lounging on Old Campus on Saturday afternoon gathered to watch a golden retriever named Jack attempt to catch a squirrel. Some cheered for the dog to rip off the squirrel’s head. The tense showdown lasted more than five minutes, and in the end the dog failed to catch the squirrel, which escaped by climbing up a nearby tree.

On Saturday night, a Branford sophomore was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital after running into a lamppost and cutting open his forehead. He got a few stitches and is OK; the lamp is still out.

But will it be a musical? Yale College Council president Jon Wu ’11, Freshman Class Council chair Kat Lau ’13 and two other students were taping a video for commencement on East Rock on Saturday.

A group of about 20 Yale students and New Haven activists gathered Saturday in front of Union League Café on Chapel Street to protest the restaurant’s serving of foie gras — enlarged duck or goose liver, a French delicacy. “While this form of food is one of the most cruel,” said Eitan Fischer ’13 of the Yale College Student Animal Welfare Alliance, “it just highlights a trend of the entire industry, which is basically, this is how animals are treated.”

Say what? Saybrook College Master Paul Hudak joined the Yale club lacrosse team in a double header game against Columbia this past Saturday. Hudak even scored a goal in the second game.

‘Wet Monday’ slips out of control. Jonathan Edwards College’s time-honored water war, in which the freshmen storm the college, was cut short early Monday morning when a freshman was injured after falling down a set of stairs, according to witnesses. An ambulance arrived at around 12:15 a.m.

A Princeton freshman who claims she was unfairly denied double time on examinations to compensate for her learning disabilities is suing the university.


1968 Students respond to the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King with a memorial service in Battell Chapel, featuring music and readings of King’s speeches.