In a recent interview, Christian Louboutin — the Red Soled God of High Heels — says he sells more than 340,000 pairs of shoes each year. I know ya’ll can do the math: at $500 a pair, that’s at least $170 million dollars per year in footwear. Yikes! A pair of Loubs is the highest honor you can put on your feet. Not too long ago I went to the Louboutin boutique in the West Village and I was totally mesmerized by the craftsmanship of every pair.

The best thing about Louboutin, though, is that he doesn’t believe in advertising campaigns. Hey, before the 1990s luxury houses didn’t really advertise, anyway. Helloooo … advertisements are for the Decidely Unfabulous. “My goal has never been to make money,” the designer says.

Apparently, 3,000 women have around 500 pairs of Loubs. But Danielle Steele “has 6,000 pairs, if not more.” Do the math: $3 million dollars in shoes. Now that’s fabulous.

How many do you have?