Try harder, pranksters. Someone wearing a gorilla suit strutted into Timothy Guinnane’s microeconomics lecture Tuesday, plopping down in the front row and offering Guinnane a banana. The professor snapped a few pictures on his phone before sending the gorilla away. “I’m not opposed to all pranks,” he said, “just stupid ones.”

Speaking of pranksters, several students took advantage of Tuesday’s downpour to don bright orange life vests around campus. They told a passerby the garb was part of a Women’s Center campaign to promote safe sex.

Tap Night comes knocking? Two male students carried a full-sized, empty black-and-gold coffin across the Pierson College courtyard to entryway C on Tuesday. In fact, the coffin was a prop for a student-produced play, “King’s Coffin,” which went up in the Pierson Fellows Lounge last weekend, and students were returning it to the props warehouse.

Even Provost Peter Salovey’s day was rained on. A pipe carrying water from under Salovey’s house flooded a neighbor’s yard. “It’s the rain of the century,” Salovey said.

Need an umbrella? So many umbrellas were left in Bass Library on Tuesday that Bass security guards began handing them out to students.

But students may still want to avoid Bass. Some bathrooms were still out of order Tuesday after a sewage pipe broke Sunday afternoon, according to a public announcement made in the library.

Caught wet-handed. New Haven police raided a house in Fair Haven on Tuesday to investigate the sale of marijuana and crack cocaine. The police found the drugs as residents were busily flushing them down the toilet.

Yale e-mail experienced an outage on Tuesday afternoon. About that changeover to Gmail…

Wanted, full or empty. Trumbull buttery managers are pleading for the return of the buttery’s trash can, which has been missing for about a week.


1970 After 38 years of cutting Yale men’s hair, barber Joe Capasso sells his shop, saying students’ hair has grown too long — and their attitudes too self-important.

Correction: March 31, 2010

A Cross Campus item misrepresented the purpose of the coffin seen in Pierson courtyard Tuesday. It was a prop from a student-produced play, “King’s Coffin,” which went up in the Pierson Fellows Lounge last weekend — not related to Tap Night.