Jordi and Grace battle out Gaga vs Gaga.

A gchat convo.

7:22 PM Grace: yo jordi. get on gchat!

7:25 PM Jordi: let’s make a sandwich

Grace: sandwich?

i just ate dinner


Jordi: it’s a reference

getting meta here

Grace: meta megatron


let’s talk gaga. So “Telephone,” what’s up with it??

7:30PM Jordi: let’s watch the video again

7:34 PM Grace: I must say, though, the jail room dance sequence is pretty sweet

Jordi: indeed


Grace: The part of with that sweet bun thing is disgusting!

7:36 PM Jordi: favorite part coming up though

sandwich montage

7:37 PM Grace: when did gaga start cooking? haha

7:38 PM Jordi: Haha, the whole poisoning scene has this repugnant imagery

And now the ode to Americana

Grace: seriously? is it like they’re saying how the real Americana is

dying. She’s so obsessed with poisoning people! Remember Paparazzi?

Jordi: never seen it

Grace: omigosh!! Whaaaaaat? J-O-R-DI!

Jordi: …anyway… back to telephone.

7:45 PM Grace: the video makes me miss Gaga

where’s the Lady Gaga that we fell in love with from Just Dance

and Bad Romance?

I want it bad, bad. The psycho flow, the cockamamie costumes,

the attitude…it’s not there anymore.

Telephone is just gaudy

7:47 PM Jordi: I think it’s the same Gaga.

It’s just a revamp of the same old ruse. Gaga is pushing the line a bit further.

7:52 PM Jordi: it’s like 10 minutes of gaga-galore

Grace: more like 10 minutes of dadagogo

it’s not like they even bring anything new to the table.

like Bad Romance, that was so so avant garde

Telephone is just a trash rehash of things that Gaga has done before

and trashy Americana

7:54 PM Jordi: it doesn’t need to bring anything new

she can’t just reinvent herself every time she does something new,

it takes time, she has to wait until this “wacky glamourous” role-playing wears off.

7:55 PM Grace: she doesn’t have to reinvent herself. But in Telephone, we see

a repeat of what she has done in the past. In Bad Romance, Gaga

brings out so much of her phantasmagorical costumes into it too.

The most innovative look that she brings into Telephone is the cigarette sunglasses!

7:56 PM Jordi: it’s less dramatic. and it means to be like that. her shock-and-awe

strategy can only take so far. no more

jewel-encrusted golden armors. no white latex “where the wild things are” costumes.

It’s another kind of marketing strategy: Sex.

Also, I think Gaga has set the bar so high, it’s hard to see her new

material without expecting the same eccentricity.

Grace: Not sure if Gaga is going for less drama…there’s so so so much use of makeup here.

Remember that scene from Bad Romance where it was her with hardly any makeup up on?

When that tear fell down her face, it was enough to get anyone go,

“GAGA, I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!” She looked so gorgeous. I

think that was most beautiful moment in all of her music videos!

7:58 PM Jordi: Maybe. But again, she can’t do the same thing in all her videos.

She has to play all the moves in the artist’s spectrum. Go to extremes.

8:00 PM Grace: Telephone is less of a music video and more of a short.

8:02 PM Jordi: It’s still an iconic display of artistry. You see it and you can’t help

but think of Gaga. If she’d stray from her signature brand, she’d be a fickle

desperada exploiting creativity and becoming a

victim of her own fame. it’s a modern day Thriller (kinda).

8:03 PM Grace: Yeah, kinda. But in Thriller, MJ sang more than she and beyonce

in telephone combined!

JORDI GET OFF YOUR PHONE! Is that a moo in the background!?!?

Jordi: Shut up! So much for creating the illusion of g-chatting…

Grace: moo.