Sometimes I realize that eventually people my own age will be running the world and it scares me. Can you imagine us, these kids who have spent their whole lives tweaking out on the Internet and grown so accustomed to instant gratification, actually DOING something?

And then there are times when I’m okay with the fact that Generation Me (if that is what they decided to call us?) will be calling the shots someday. The entire Spring Fling process, for example, has given me a little more faith in my peers. Sure, nobody is completely pleased with the line-up, but I have a feeling that if we look at the student body on April 27, we’re bound to see a lot of satisfied customers. Don’t get me wrong — we won’t mistake Spring Fling for a day at Bonnaroo or Coachella and nobody is completely pleased with the line up, but it’s a perfect recession Fling: The Spring Fling Committee has given us lots of bang for our student activities buck.


I’m not going to lie. I don’t know too much about Mike Posner and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that. But what I’ve heard is pretty good. He seems like a natural choice for a college appearance because he’s a college student himself, writes songs about the central preoccupations of college students, isn’t unattractive and is looking to have a good time. Posner is a normal guy making normal music. He has the potential to appeal to “the masses” in a way that eludes the other performers on the bill. Even if he isn’t fantastic, he’ll start the afternoon off with the kind of quiet consensus that following acts are not likely to keep up.


You probably know Matt & Kim and don’t really realize it — their song “Daylight” has scored almost every Bacardi commercial aired in the last year. They’re kind of like people that you’ve met in passing and have fallen in love with their adorableness and charisma. Their performance at Spring Fling will be downright unabashed fun. Their simple songs beg for sing-alongs, even if you don’t know the words, and we’ll all fall in love with Matt’s monologues between songs and the strap that holds his glasses on his face. They’re a couple in real life too, and their on-stage chemistry is undeniable. Matt & Kim really are in music because they have fun with it, and they’re so charming that I have no doubt we’ll share that enjoyment.


By my count, the Class of 2013 was in seventh grade when the Ying Yang Twins were legitimately popular; life was different back then. Their dirty crunk jams scored some of the most scarring and amazing moments of my life and their appearance on Old Campus will be primarily an exercise in nostalgia. No matter what you say about the Twins’ absolutely filthy lyrics, it’s impossible to deny that they are skilled producers and that they know how to drop a catchy beat. We’ll have to remember our great and terrible formative years and try to understand how we have grown as humans since we were able to truly endorse this music as our own. It will also be an exercise in restraint. There is definitely something problematic about their brazen and casual misogyny — lyrics like “I’mma beat that pussy up” certainly don’t imply respect for consent. But we are so used to speaking our minds and looking out for political correctness, or at least proving that we’re here for a reason. We’ll talk about their misogyny later. We’ll be talking about it forever. But come Spring Fling, we’ll just sit back and let the Twins do what they’re known for — being ridiculously entertaining, even if we might feel like we need a shower afterwards.


Booking MGMT as headliners was a good choice, but not a very safe one. They have a reputation for being absolutely wild and hilarious live, but also maddeningly inconsistent. Their new album, “Congratulations,” has already leaked and is receiving tepid reviews, mostly because it forsakes the electro-inspired funk of their hit songs for a sound that’s more inspired by the cacophonous chords of surf-rock and wandering psychedelia. Certainly, there is a chance that MGMT’s appearance at Spring Fling will be a complete and utter failure, a shit sandwich if you will. Regardless of their sound, the members of the band carry themselves like rock stars. They seem to be obsessed with the concept of performing, aware of the implications of their celebrity swagger and willing to put on a mind-blowing show no matter how poorly the audience receives the music.

People certainly have room to complain about this year’s Spring Fling, but we all know that Lady Gaga was never really a possibility anyway. The Spring Fling committee has done great with a limited budget and a range of musical tastes to satisfy. They’ve prioritized hiring musicians with performance flair over those with big names, and Spring Fling seems headed for success because of it. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell by the satisfied smiles on our drunken, exhausted faces come April 27.