[See] According to Max Uhlenhuth, TD ’12, this buckled sidewalk on Grove Street caused him to “eat it” while riding his caster board.

[Click] So he reported it on SeeClickFix: http://seeclickfix.com/issues/27590

[Fix]Numerous damaged sidewalks have been reported around town:

Oftentimes, people are confused as to whose responsibility it is to repair damaged sidewalks. I myself didn’t know, so I put the question to Chief Administrative Officer Rob Smuts ’01, and here’s what he said: “The liability is with the property owner — except where the property owner is the State, in which case state law says the municipality is responsible. Generally the City will address trip-and-fall hazards, however. DPW is monitoring SCF reports, and this should be put in the queue.”

In other words, if the sidewalk is simply falling apart, then it is up to the property owner to repair or replace it. If, on the other hand, it presents the safety hazard, then the City will go ahead an fix it before someone gets hurt.

Keep your eyes open for a DPW crew repairing the sidewalk outside TD on Grove Street!