Something smells … fruity? The smell of methane prompted an evacuation of Vanderbilt Hall on Tuesday night. Firefighters and the bomb squad arrived on the scene, but the stench turned out to be a false alarm. The culprit? Pieces of durian, a tropical fruit that smells like methane, were found on the Berkeley side of Vandy.

It wasn’t the only evacuation of the day: A gas leak shut down College Street between Chapel and Crown, near the Shubert Theater, around 1 p.m. A construction crew accidentally ruptured a gas pipe when the crew dug into the asphalt on the street. The leak was patched within an hour.

Environmentally-minded D’porters unite! Sunday’s dinner in the college will be trayless. No one will force students to ditch their trays (that would be “Sustainability Stalin”), but they will be asked “nicely.” The goal, in the words of Jimmy Murphy ’13, “is to beat those stuck-up Branford squirrels who achieved a 99 percent trayless Tuesday.”

Speaking of Davenport, the college has a new picnic table, and an e-mail to the Davenport community Tuesday night called for the artistically inclined to present ideas for painting it.

More gun violence. Police arrested James Edge, 52, of New Haven, Tuesday afternoon on charges that he shot his cousin Douglas Edge, 63, of Hamden. According to police, James Edge admitted to shooting his cousin after the two got into an argument. Edge was charged with assault and risk of injuring a minor, as his child was present during the incident, and is being held on a $250,000 bond.


1982 Senior class officials announced that CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite, who was the original Class Day speaker, would be replaced by John Glenn, the senator and former astronaut.