Why so sensitive, Brown? The Blog Daily Herald (a blog published by Brown’s campus newspaper, The Brown Daily Herald) added an entry this morning trashing some of the messages left on the YCC’s Spring Fling Web site.

From “Yale is Trying to Start Shit…” by Thea Aguiar:

Landed on the “Yale Spring Fling” Facebook page and they’re trying to start shit with us.

Their posts read: ” Brown’s getting MGMT too…but they’re straight posing, cuz we booked them back in NOVEMBER. Yale 1, hippies 0″


” New score, we forgot: Brown is getting Wale. Too bad we got him LAST YEAR. Yale 2 hippies 0″

Sorry, but:

1. Who cares when someone was booked?

2. Anyone who says “straight posing” like that is, well, straight posing.

Enough said.