Liz Palazzolo ’11 was just coming off work when I saw her in the street on Monday. Now a classics major, Liz was in Directed Studies with me during Freshman year. Whenever I’ve seen her going about her daily activities, which range from library sessions to designing costumes, I’ve noticed her to be a particularly well-dressed student.

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And yesterday was no exception. As warmer weather descends upon New Haven, she ditched the winter coat for a long sweater, “probably from Target,” according to Liz.

Liz’s outfit certainly indicates her desire to shed the extra layers and get out in the sun (despite her skin’s tendency to burn). She managed to give a bit of lace texture to her knee-length purple dress from Forever 21. Liz wasn’t wearing a scarf, and she didn’t feel the need to throw on tights or leggings yesterday morning. And who doesn’t love the splash of vibrant colors in her hair?

Even though gloves and scarves are no longer necessary, New Haven is still only on the brink of spring. Liz’s shoes, probably unintentionally close to Yale Blue, aided the gray in the sweater nicely in toning down the outfit to a more seasonally appropriate level. Her obviously well-loved black purse had the same effect. The purse was not only contemporary, but also scholastically functional. It reflected her passion for reading: She fit several books in it on her latest trip to the library.

Although New Haven isn’t the best place to show off summer outfits, Liz has shown that it is possible at this point to abandon those frumpy North Face fleeces for cuter habiliment. I’m sure her summer in Athens will be a great place for her to show off the best of her bright wardrobe and perhaps add a bit of Greek flavor as well! I just wish I could be there with her…