When you were gearing up to head off to the Ivy League this school year, you felt it in your bones: I’m in the big league, no more playing kindergarten games. You stocked up on school supplies because you knew that with being president of the debate team, taking graduate level courses at the School of Management, lobbying Congress on the weekends, tutoring, and chilling with Guitar Hero in your free time that you would never have the time to stop at the bookstore for more.

Well, there’s one handy dandy item that you can use to drive your partner wild: sticky notes. Stream them, fold them, flick them, or hold them. Leave naughty little messages or visualize your daydreams on them and leave them with your significant other. They will keep him or her tantalizing with excitement. Need help coming up with a message? To break your writer’s block and garner some inspiration, check out “101 Sexy Surprises For Him: Steamy Sticky Notes to Drive Him Wild.”