The class of 2010 is officially the most generous class in Yale history, breaking the records in both amount donated and percent participation. The seniors donated $29,670.41 to the Senior Class Gift, with 91 percent participation.

Je-rry! Je-rry! Je-rry! Seeing the posters advertising Jerry Speyer’s upcoming visit to the School of Architecture, a confused security guard visited the office of the dean’s secretary to inquire when Jerry Springer would be arriving on campus.

Cold weather in Washington. Former Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh, speaking in a public dialogue with his predecessor as legal adviser to the State Department, John B. Bellinger III, addressed concerns that Bellinger raised about the Obama administration’s slow action in international affairs. Koh defended the administration, noting that “it takes a lot more time to dig out from a snowstorm than it does for the snow to fall.”

Accident or hate crime? The NAACP got a rude awakening Thursday morning when an SUV backed through the front window of its New Haven office on Whalley Avenue. Police said one worker was in the office at the time, but she was not injured. When the car smashed through the window, police said no one was driving it, but when the car came to a halt, a man got in and sped off. Police are investigating whether the crash was intentional.

Battle of the sexes redux. A study released recently by researchers at Yale shows that the number of women aged 19 to 24 involved in fatal drunk driving accidents rose in the period from 1995 to 2007. But proportionally, young men are still more likely to be involved in such crashes. The study is published in the journal Injury Prevention.

Trapped on the minibus! A minibus ride Wednesday night for two unlucky Silliman students took 55 minutes from the time of the call to drop-off, including a 25-minute wait for pickup at Walgreens and another half hour spent touring various New Haven landmarks (including the Study hotel, Yale-New Haven Hospital and 10 Amistad St.) before returning to central campus. “At least we have snacks,” one of the students tweeted during his captivity.


1954 University Librarian James T. Babb expresses his view that the failure of Yale College students to utilize fully the resources of the library system is due to a combination of “ignorance and inertia.” As a part of efforts to make the libraries more pleasant places to study, officials begin allowing students to smoke in more locations inside libraries.