You’re just chilling at a hot frat party when all of a sudden this girl rolls up into the room and she’s wearing a, like, Snickers dress. No. For real — the dress has the same color scheme and logo as a Snickers bar. Hmm. So you’re just kind of unsure if she’s dead serious or if this event has just become a costume party. But it’s couture, so it’s serious.

That’s the thing I love about Jeremy Scott — you’re never really sure if he’s joking or if he’s dead serious. He’s sort of like Duchamp, when the artist first put up a fucking URINAL as a work of art. Um … freak out?

What the fuck is going on right now!??!?!?! I am DYING to wear this outfit to a party. Can you imagine walking into the room with a silhouette stapled to your body?!?!?! The iPod will scratch and everybody will turn to look at you, just like in the movies.

Turning the joke into seriousness, I love this dress because, well, who doesn’t want huge excess flab under their arms that says “STYLE”? This is hot because it’s funny and wearable. The “and” is important, not that his other stuff is like more functional or anything…

Hey look! This model’s wearing the dress that she’s also carrying on a hanger! Does it mean that the model is just a clothes hanger? Oh! Could it just be a form of self-advertisement for JerSco? Whatever you want to call it, this might be Jeremy’s most Duchampian moment in SS2010. Um … also? What’s happening with the “I Dream of Jeannie” Hair?

This look makes me think of those cheap disco balls over at the Spencer’s in any local shopping mall. I know you know the ones I’m talking about. That plus the “I Dream of Jeannie” hair and short skirt make me think CAPITAL HOOCHIE. Say “No” to “Ho!” And even still, if I saw this at a party, I would probably think its wearer was really fierce. If you’re gonna work the ho-bagness, by all means, go all out. I just hope one of the pieces doesn’t fall off — because that would be really ghetto.

I love this stained glass window jacket. I bet it’s already sold out at Opening Ceremony. It pops in a frisky, fun, but sophisticated way. This is the jacket you wear to the party that You Do Not Take Off or else it will come up missing. As in, I Will Steal It.