The never-ending “moregasm.” A six-page set of notes from Tuesday’s well-attended Sex Week talk on oral sex has circulated on various panlists. The author of the notes, which record both the content of the talk and the reaction in the room, described herself as a “sexpert and goddess.”

“Let’s Say No to Friction,” the lube wrestling event, sponsored by the Junior Class Council and occurring Thursday at SAE Late Night, combined, according to the e-mail advertising the event, “copious amounts of lube, inebriated college students and a kiddie pool.”

Ever the Puritanical Cantabs. A blog by The Harvard Crimson breathlessly dubbed Sex Week at Yale “the hottest event to hit New Haven since the naked party,” adding, “expect our frenemies in New Haven to go from sexually inept to sexually adept.”

Moorah! Following Wednesday’s snowfall, at approximately 1:15 a.m. Thursday, a group of Ezra Stiles and Calhoun students built an eight-foot wall of snow to block the Elm Street entrance to Trumbull College’s Stone Court. The wall was quickly demolished later in the morning.

Elsewhere, other more elaborate sculptures cropped up, including a depiction of Eve and a serpent near Jonathan Edwards, a mermaid perched atop the Women’s Table and a rabbit reminiscent of the Japanese character Totoro in Davenport’s Lower Court.

No good deed goes unpunished. Tom Weil ’70 braved the snow to drive from his Woodbridge, Conn., home to teach his college seminar “Global Energy Sources, Uses and Issues” Wednesday. But Weil left class to find his car had been towed — New Haven had banned street-side parking. It cost him $121 for the towing fee and the cab ride back home. “Gown — yes!” he remarked. “Town — no!”

Mory’s: “Coming Soon.” The York Street Temple Bar, currently undergoing renovations, has put up a sign announcing its forthcoming changes. The sign advertises a revamped menu, outside dining and a new bar.

H2-uh-oh. The water was shut off around noon Thursday in Sterling Chemistry Lab. Labs were nearly canceled, but the water returned just before the labs were set to begin at 1 p.m.


1963 Following a three-week string of robberies across campus, police apprehend seven New Haven boys, aged 12 to 15, who were responsible for the thefts. While still at large, the boys had managed to steal from up to 15 rooms each week.