Leah Libresco ’11 failed to move on to the College Championship finals in Monday’s episode of Jeopardy!, the popular quiz show.

Libresco placed second with a $9,200 score, behind a senior from the University of Michigan who garnered a $9,500 score. But as a semi-finalist, Libresco took home $10,000.

Over 30 of Libresco’s friends gathered in the Berkeley College TV room Monday night to watch the program’s airing, reacting to her performance and on-screen antics.

At one point in the program, as commentators introduced her on television, Libresco performed a small impromptu dance on the spot. When host Alex Trebek started off the first round of questions, he quipped, “Leah, this is ‘Jeopardy!’ not [FOX’s] ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ “

“I got sassed about my dancing skills by Alex Trebek,” Libresco said while sitting in the TV room. “Who else in this room can say that?”

After the show’s airing, Libresco expressed she was very satisfied by her “Jeopardy!” stint, adding that the experience was rewarding — both in terms of dollars and enjoyment.

“I would’ve liked to have won, sure,” she said. “It would have been lovely, but I gave it my best shot.”