When I called Hope Kronman yesterday evening to ask what labels she was wearing in the photo Eva shot of her, I expected an extensive list of designers from that special section of Nordstroms that I don’t even look at. But it wasn’t

like that all. And the fact that it wasn’t made me proud to call her our best dressed daughter of a Yale professor.

It’s really easy to wear nice clothes and look pretty if you’re spending an arm and a leg on every piece in your closet [except for those moms that wear Juicy Couture track suits and Hollister OMG]. My feeling has always been that someone with truly great style can take a friend’s hanes t-shirt, cut it up, and work it (as Hope did at her shoot). The play between Hope’s more fitted designer pieces and her casual, everyday wear give her a flattering, good look.

The two things that I like best about this outfit are the scarf and the leggings. I was sure that the bottoms were pants because of the material. When I found out they were leggings, I was wondering why they looked so normal compared to the time I tried on a similar pair in Target. Then I realized it was because those were from Target, and hers were from BCBG. This is a time where it’s OK to let designer brands rule. If you’re going to venture out into the world without pants, the substitutes better be of good quality.

Moving on, the scarf had a nice color pallet and was really different [in a good way]. It helped loosen the outfit up a bit. When you’re wearing form-fitting clothing it’s important to balance those pieces with ones that give more movement to the outfit and give a warm feeling to what might otherwise give off a stiff, harsh vibe.

The boots also worked well, especially because they weren’t UGGs. They were a little edgy, which went well with the Zara jacket she was wearing. The coolest part about them was when I asked Hope what brand they were and she had to look. If you’re always wearing things that you like and that you feel good in, you’ll [almost] never have a bad wardrobe day.

(Photo by Eva Galvan/Photography Editor)