Sexy Psych? In his “Introduction to Psychology” lecture Monday, Marvin Chun said he thought the News’s poll on sexual behavior had a selection bias. Using remote clickers to conduct his own poll, he found that 15 percent of the students in attendance have had sex in the past week, compared to 30 percent of respondents in the News poll.

But Chun’s sample had a selection bias of its own, since the majority of his students are freshmen. For the class of 2013, the News poll found a similar figure: 13.8 percent.

You’re not grounded … yet. Parents reported receiving grade reports for their children in the mail Monday that contained students’ second-semester course schedules, rather than their first-semester grades.

The raid that interrupted Toad’s Saturday night dance party this past weekend was a response to anonymous complaints about underage drinking at the popular club, Director of the state Liquor Control Division John Suchy said Monday. Suchy said one of the arrested underage patrons, a Quinnipiac University student, was taken to the hospital because of his “apparent stage of intoxication.”

The Yale College Council launched its compatibility survey Monday evening in a campuswide e-mail. The service, which YCC also offered last year, will match respondents with other Yalies based on answers to questions like, “How often do you watch Sam Tsui ’11 on YouTube?”

But for those who prefer anonymity, the YCC used the same e-mail to plug GoodCrush Yale, a popular Web site that allows Yalies to list their crushes and reveals mutual crushes. On Monday night, YCC President Jon Wu ’11 held the No. 2 spot for “most crushed.”

A purse-snatcher made off with the belongings of Annette Walton, better known as the “Flower Lady,” Monday afternoon while she was talking to Professor Carlos Eire, Eire told students in his “Reformation Europe” course.

Noting Yale’s reputation as the “Gay Ivy,” Tony Award-winning librettist Doug Wright ’85 told The New Yorker that Yale’s new admission video “all but planted a flag.”

Much to Gawker’s chagrin, the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta and Pi Beta Phi made their rush videos private on YouTube.


1999 Despite the widely publicized murder of Suzanne Jovin ’99 that December, Yale announced a record number of admissions applications.