Toad’s Place was raided by the Connecticut Liquor Control Commission at approximately 11:30 p.m. Saturday, Toad’s owner Brian Phelps said. He said the commission found two underage patrons consuming liquor, and that it is possible those who were caught were using fake identification.

Although Phelps said he does not know what could happen as a result of Saturday’s bust, he speculated that Toad’s could be fined. He said this type of raid is “very nerve-racking.” The last time Toad’s was raided was in 2005, Phelps said.

The club was shut down for about half an hour. When it reopened at approximately 12 a.m., it was nearly empty.

“More room for Yale students,” Phelps said.

Patrons interviewed who were in the club during the raid said the lights were turned on.

“I was dancing, having a good time, and now I’m not,” Quinnipiac University sophomore Zachary Smith said while standing on Elm Street.

Devin Covitz, also a sophomore at Quinnipiac said most of the exits to the club were blocked off.