Jersey Shore was revolutionary in a lot of ways, bringing to the forefront a subculture of gel, tanning, and muscles of Macy’s Thanksgiving day proportions.

Yet Jersey Shore showed us one thing that all viewers can take with them after the cameras stopped rolling: sweet dance moves. We’ve seen our favorite characters beating back the beat with their fist pumps, doing cartwheels, and essentially having rhythmic sex on the dance floor. But I would argue the most impressive dance stylings go to Ronnie, the stumpy one with unreal muscles and no distinction between his head and his neck.

Ronnie’s self-titled “creepy patented moves” are high energy and absurd, just like he is. His legs work furiously doing crazy kicks, crosses, and shuffles reminiscent of Irish dancing. But then check out his abdomen, working a little bit of worm action. Ronnie really knows how to work his ass — he drops it like it’s hot. Like, really hot, because he just keeps dropping. Note the circle of people that forms around him. If you want to attract eyes at the club, break it down Ronnie-style.