• While President Levin has not yet decided whether the University will continue to provide free copies of the New York Times in Yale College dining halls, he says he was taken aback by the intensity of student response at the idea of discontinuing the service: “I only asked an innocent question,” he said. “I didn’t threaten to stop anything.”
  • Now is not the first time the University has experienced difficult financial circumstances: in the ’70s, even the most basic services — like heating in residential colleges — were subject to budget cuts.
  • When Patricia Melton ’82 concluded her four years on the University’s track and field team, she had set records in every single indoor and outdoor running event at Yale. Now, Melton is being honored by the NCAA in its new exhibition to celebrate black athletes.

    High of 32 degrees, low of 18 degrees, sunny.


    In the colleges

    • Breakfast: Cranberry Orange Bread
  • Soup: Italian Sausage & Pasta Soup, Curried Ginger Carrot Soup
  • Lunch: Pizza with Pepperoni & Mozzarella, Grilled Eggplant & Vegetable Stack, Pizza With Mozzarella, Pork Carnitas, Chicken Bahn Mi Sandwich, Caribbean Blend Vegetables, Arugula Goat Cheese & Beet Salad, Magic Bar, Organic Shortbread Cookies
  • Dinner: Balsamic Marinated Chicken Breast, Molasses & Rum Glazed Roasted Fresh Ham, Eggplant Parmesan, Pork Carnitas, Nachos Bar, Spinach Felafel Burger, Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Herb & Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Peas, Red Velvet Cake
  • In Commons

    • Breakfast: Buttermilk Pancakes, Sausage Links, Shredded Potatoes, Cranberry Orange Bread
  • Lunch: Tuscan White Bean Soup, Smoky Turkey Rice Soup, Chile-Cumin Shredded Beef Tacos, Italian Burger, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Lomo Saltado (Peruvian Beef Stirfry), Cuban Roasted Chicken Thighs, Chilaquiles Verdes with Tofu, Refried Black Beans, Roasted Chayote, Refried Black Beans, Curly Fries, Spanish Rice, Mexican Corn, Magic Bar, Organic Shortbread Cookies, Cilantro Rice
  • Dinner: Tuscan White Bean Soup, Vegan Paella, Honey Glazed Corned Beef, Stir Fried Turkey & Snap Peas, Red Bliss Potatoes, Normandy Blend Vegetables, Red Velvet Cake