As winter brings the blistery New Haven chill, there’s nothing better to keep your mind warm than a little History section day-dreaming of ways to keep your special someone wrapped around your finger. I couldn’t help myself — it’s February and thoughts are all abuzz about how to make him shout with joy or make her face gleam up. Should your intimate social activities not extend beyond the doors of Toad’s, Viva’s, or your friend’s Pierson suite, then it’s time to take an adventurous rendezvous.

No, eating in the smanciest dining hall or experimenting in Sterling is not a step up. I propose to you love-struck buggies three ideas for dates that will drive him or her wild, because late night caboodles in college common rooms just aren’t as romantic as they were in the 80s, especially with that buttery grease choking the air.

1) Show him you know how to make a Manwich, without daintily tossing the frozen food box behind your back. It’s no doubt that guys love a girl that can cook, but spice up your one on one meals by taking him out to a spot that provides all the essential ribs, burgers and manly food he can eat. He will be delighted that you are willing to get your $30 nails all nitty-gritty with him (and the fact that you can seductively lick your fingers while he watches). The The Rib House in East Haven boasts fine dining, entertainment and food that’s finger licking good (I hope y’all are catching my drift here).

2) Putt her under. You know you did this when you were in secondary school, or maybe not if you were cooped up in some boarding school 100 miles north of reality and life. But there’s nothing more fun and exciting than rounds of mini-golf. Your significant other’s lack to hit balls like Tiger Woods — great golfer, not so great relationship partner — will mean more guidance on your part, more bending over, more coming up from behind, and well, you get the gist. Plus, who doesn’t love an athlete? Or at least girls who try to play sports. Your best bet in the Have? “The Only Game in Town” located in North Haven is a drives away but makes for a sweet escape, as Gwen Stefani would say.

3) Twice as Nice on Ice. There’s no reason to dive into the mind gutter here, guys, but do know that every girl loves a guy who can dig chick stuff too. So take advantage of the winter time and great indoors and do something more exciting than renting American Psycho from your Master’s Office (granted that’s a great movie and has enough sex scenes to get your pet hamster running that wheel). Learn to skate at one of Yale’s amazing ice skating programs with the Figure Skating Club at Ingalls Rink. If you’re both already as good as Michelle Kwan and want to leap into each others arms, then check out Ralph Walker Ice Skating Rink on State Street. The lack of balance on one’s parts, means more dramatic falling into the other’s arms. Make sure to fan yourself and sigh in abundance — this makes ice skating all the more fun. Then again, I am a fan of being dramatic.

With Love & Winks 😉 ,