The scene blog launched on November 1, 2009. Its initial concept: increase the web presence of the weekly Yale Daily News Arts&Living pullout. While there was content on the Beta blog, we lacked a creative vision beyond sporadic time wasters, occasional live blogs and multimedia features. What scene needed was not a random assortment of material meant to increase the profile of the print product, but rather a collection of microblogs meant to increase the profiles of our wonderful team of writers.

With that in mind, we are excited to introduce to you a set schedule of wonderfully imagined blogs centering on everything from fashion analysis to bathroom reviews and movie preview reviews. We’ll still sprinkle in timely arts and entertainment updates, and may add to our initial schedule, but the days of random unexplained YouTube links are done. Or at least relocated to our Twitter (


Madison Moore “The Daily Couture”

Max “Costanza” Hendrickson “Bright College Bathrooms”

Lauren Motzkin “Art in Proximity”

Jennifer Parker “Singles Throwback: A Music Review”

Danny Serna “Freshman Fifteen: Reasons Why You’re Fat”


Madison Moore “The Daily Couture”

Liane Membis “Wild Things (To Drive Him or Her Wild)”

Erica Blonde/Eva Galvan “Best Dressed Yale _____”

Matthew Claudel “Created Aesthetic: Art, Architecture and Design”


Madison Moore “The Daily Couture”

Cora Lewis “Hidden Yale Gems”

Max Lanman “The Douchiest Thing Overheard at Yale”

Sanjena Sathian “Band on the Run”

Jordan Schneider “Flash Fire”


Madison Moore “The Daily Couture”

Jordi Gasso “The Ivy Scene”

Cora Lewis feat. Lauren Motzkin “Gallery Guide Dispatches”

Various “Beer of the Week”

Eliza Brooke “Weekend Survival Guide”


Madison Moore “The Daily Couture“

Gabriel Barcia-Duran “Lost in Translation”

Amir Sharif/Grace Patuwo “Best Dressed Yale: A series”

Austin Bernhardt “Preview Review”

Danny Serna “Freshman Fifteen: Reasons Why You’re Fat”

scene recommends


Maria Yagoda “Yagoda’s Weekly Grind”

Baobao Zhang “Sites&Sound“

Raphael Shapiro “?”

Cora Lewis “scene reads”


Austin Bernhardt “TV Preview”

Amir Sharif “You’ve heard of him/her”

Sam Duboff “New Social Media”

Weekly Thoughts With scene