The Valentino Spring 2010 Couture Collection is totally amahzing. What’s so great about it is that it takes the House of Valentino to a new level – think Balmain + Valentino. The cuts of the garments are now and sexy. Plus, neon for all! And what’s more exciting than a splash of Day-Glo on your face?!

Sure, the collection pays homage to the house’s past, with the requisite Valentino Red and wonderfully tailored gowns and all. But OMG the past is so, like, over. This new Valentino looks toward a really fabulous, Avatar-inspired couture future. Just when you thought that high fashion was only about old people and evening gowns. Now it’s about weird face masks and neon!

What’s hot on the catwalks obviously trickles down to the plebeians. That’s why I’m worried that the next hot make-up trend will be Avatar-Eyes. But let me tell you this: If I start seeing people walking around with that stupid blue paint across their faces, I’m gonna start punching them out.