• The “Census party bus” is coming to New Haven tomorrow, and along with free coffee from Blue State, it will provide information to Yale students about the 2010 Census.
  • This year, fewer undergraduate applicants have completed their applications for financial aid, and the Office of Student Financial Services is trying to figure out why.
  • scene cover: Austin Bernhardt delves into the implications and intellectual complexities of MTV’s new hit show, “Jersey Shore.”

    High of 24 degrees, low of 10 degrees, mostly clear.


    In the colleges

    • Breakfast: Assorted Muffins
  • Soup: Lobster Bisque
  • Lunch: Penne with Salmon & Pistachio Parsley Pesto, Griddled Lentil Cake, Chicken Caesar Wrap, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Mongolian Hot Pot Express Bar, Frozen Local Sugar Snap Peas, Caesar Salad, White Choc Chip Fudge Cookie, Citrus Glazed Pumpkin Bar
  • Dinner: Coconut & Green Curry Chicken, Mushroom Tart With Fontina & Ricotta, Tofu Stuffed Acorn Squash, Coq Au Vin, Mongolian Hot Pot Express Bar, Jasmine Rice, Frozen Local Corn Cobbett, Caribbean Blend Vegetables, Iced Banana Cake
  • In Commons

    • Breakfast: Extra Thick French Toast, Tater Tots, Assorted Muffins
  • Lunch: Boston Clam Chowder, Lentil Soup, Indian Vegetable Pilaf, Chicken Curry, South of the Border Burger, Tuna Grill With Veggies, Eggplant & Black Bean Sauce, Pho Noodle Bowl Bar, Shrimp Fried Rice, Jasmine Rice, Northern Thai Chicken Curry, Basmati Rice, Steakhouse French Fries, Chef’s Choice Fresh Hot Vegetable, White Choc Chip Fudge Cookie, Citrus Glazed Pumpkin Bar