Wanted: Dark, Handsome and Funny (m) seeks Fun-loving and Athletic (f)

Name: Lee Kennedy-Shaffer

College: Ezra Stiles

Year: 2013

Age: 18

Eyes: Chocolate

Hair: Dark brown

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Hobbies and interests: IMs (all of them), the Liberal Party, tutoring, Frisbee, soccer

Favorite TV shows: “The Office” & “30 Rock”

Fun fact:

1. Was two votes shy of making prom court in high school

2. Knows all the words to “Party in the USA”

Likes: someone with a good sense of humor who is fun-loving and likes being outdoors, someone who doesn’t mind embarrassing herself (very important!) and is somewhat athletic

Are you looking for a date for Freshman Screw? Do you or someone you know fit the above description, and does the man described here sound like someone you could see yourself with? Then Lee could be the right choice for you for Screw and beyond. Contact lee.kennedy-shaffer@yale.edu.