“Sussudio” by Phil Collins (No Jacket Required, Atlantic Records, 1985)

When “Sussudio” was released in 1985, critics assailed Collins for its similarity with Prince’s hit 1999. Collins responded by saying that he was a “big Prince fan” and that his original version of Sussudio sounded even more like Prince. “Grammy Award for album of the year,” was another answer he should have given instead, perhaps.

It’s been too long since some energy hasn’t been released — enthusiasm is to life what our dive is to water — flip and do the gun aiming at the stars, and then head first into the lagoon — fantasy rescue, last call! The bass in Sussuudio is a barracuda you can hang out with — and corals: colorful chords, sharp guitar riffs, light horns. Phil Collins’ faith is contagiously strong on this track.

Let’s get prepared — your life has just begun — isn’t it a perfect evening for a breakthrough? Give me a chance, I’ll show you pure joy — I’ll show it to you anytime — sunburn or suntan — dead or alive — God, I got to have her — just say the word — look, who’s dancing along with the Barracuda now!