The sticker saga continues. Swipe machines now guard the entrance to the stacks in Sterling Memorial Library. Since the University stopped issuing stickers to show whether IDs are valid, the cards now have to be scanned electronically.

Two people were arrested on the corner of College and Chapel streets after breaking the window of the city information kiosk. See photo, page 4.

A memorial service for Andre Narcisse ’12 will take place in Battell Chapel Sunday at 6:30 p.m. The service was organized by several of Narcisse’s friends, with help from the Chaplain’s Office.

Challah for Hunger tried to raise money for hunger and disaster relief in the Woolsey rotunda Thursday. But a short supply of bread loaves limited the group’s proceeds to a mere $21. They’ll try again next week.

Hugs had better luck. Members of the Latin American Students Association sold hugs outside Commons for $1 each. The huggers raised a total of $207, which La Casa will send to the Red Cross for Haitian relief.

Toad’s Place, for its part, raised $86 for Haiti, in association with the Yale Fence Club, from checked coats. But some club-goers who did not use the coat check reported stolen garments. Toad’s will also donate funds from Saturday’s coat check if you say “Haiti Relief.”

Just don’t bring the high schoolers with you. The Model United Nations is convening on campus this weekend. Some 1,100 students from 10 countries arrived Thursday for the opening ceremonies.

The hot water was shut off in Branford between 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Thursday. As of midnight, the water was restored but running brown. Students were told to run the water full-blast to clear the sediment.

As if the months-long delay wasn’t long enough, students had to wait another 12 minutes before they could buy tickets for the Yale College Council’s Winter Show, which was postponed from the fall. The link provided in the YCC’s first e-mail didn’t work, and a second e-mail soon followed.

A new Quinnipiac University Poll shows Ned Lamont SOM ’80 leading the Democratic field in the race for governor.


1988 Masters began to prepare their respective residential colleges for a potential strike by University staff. Some worried whether students would be able to find “edible food in New Haven.”

Correction: Jan. 22

An earlier version of this article misstated the name of the Yale Fence Club.