With University President Richard Levin’s announcement this morning that the University of Chicago’s Edward Snyder will take on the deanship at the School of Management, online reports about Snyder’s move to Yale have appeared on Business Week and the Chicago Tribune.

But Snyder has been covered plenty by business news outlets before. In 2007, the business magazine “Global Focus” published a four-page article about Snyder’s leadership at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, describing him as “a quiet, friendly and unassuming man” who is “still not averse to occasionally throwing a cat into a pigeon loft.”

From the article, “The Quiet American?”:

In part, he agrees, his approach does reflect some of the current concerns about management education and business in general, though he puts it fairly mildly.

“I don’t worry about people earning a lot of money. That’s a fine thing. Success is great,” he says. “But I do worry about the narrow orientation [towards high earning power] in a lot of society and I don’t think that serves students well.”

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