Mory’s renovations are up and running again after stalling over the summer because the money had dried up, architect Glenn Gregg said Tuesday.

Construction crews were at work Tuesday digging in the back of Mory’s, the famed Yale eating club on York Street that has been closed since December 2008. When asked Monday if renovations had started, Mory’s Board of Governors President Christopher Getman ’64 said: “Just about. Go over and look.”

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Though Mory’s renovations have been on hold for several months, Getman said last month that he was “optimistic” about the restaurant’s projected summer 2010 opening. Greg said Tuesday that he expects the work to be completed sometime this summer.

The planned renovations include a new bar and an outside patio. Gregg said workers are currently expanding the back of the building and pouring the foundation for the bar. Currently, workers are primarily dealing with the bar — the only work that expands the building outdoors — because “of the uncertainty of winter weather,” Gregg said. The relatively mild January weather has helped the process, Gregg said.

But as the project continues, the construction team will work on all parts of the building simultaneously,, Gregg said.

Mory’s closed in December 2008 because of a falling endowment and declining revenues. Since it closed, the organization has taken a number of steps, including reducing membership fees and hiring the local food services firm La Cuisine to oversee management at the restaurant. The organization also made a push for fundraising, including selling naming rights to items in the club and targeting Whiffenpoof alumni. According to an e-mail Getman sent to Mory’s members last month, the organization was on track to raise $2.6 million out of $3.1 million needed to complete the project.

Since renovations froze in the summer, Getman has repeatedly said renovations would not start until the organization had raised enough money to pay the contractors.

“We don’t want the project to fall apart when we’re halfway across the river,” he told the News in November..