Winter Show headliner Aziz Ansari — from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation — was featured Friday on the New York Times’ “ArtsBeat” blog, where he discussed his quirky friendship with Kanye West, his childhood in suburban South Carolina and his cousin Harris, whom he regularly calls “Chubby” in his stand-up routine.

Ansari, from “Aziz Ansari Gets ‘Intimate’ “:

I asked Harris, “Is it cool if I call you chubby on national TV,” and he was like, “No.” And I was like, “What if I got you an Xbox game?” And he was like, “O.K., that’s fine.” He’s also not chubby anymore. He’s hit a growth spurt, so his chubbiness stretched out as he got taller. I wouldn’t do it if kids would be mean to him, although that’s kind of a lie, because I wouldn’t know how kids would react to him until after I did it. It kind of proves that I really don’t care. But when they hear Conan or Letterman mention their names, they think it’s kind of cool.

Ansari is coming to Yale on Jan. 30 for the Yale College Council-sponsored Winter Show. According to an e-mail from the YCC, tickets will go on sale this week, and will be available for purchase from YCC representatives or on Ansari also has a comedy special coming to television: It’s called “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening,” and it premieres on Comedy Central Sunday night at 10 p.m.