In a move intended to enhance workplace safety and campus security, Yale will discontinue the colorful stickers placed on Yale ID cards to show that they are valid, the University announced Tuesday.

The stickers used to allow security guards and other staff to visually check whether cards were still active. Now, ID holders will have to present their cards for electronic scanning when they need to gain entry to a University facility or otherwise use their IDs.

“This change will improve workplace safety and overall security by using technology to query the most current information available to determine access,” Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith, Deputy Provost Lloyd Suttle and Student Financial Aid Services Executive Director Victor Stein said in a statement. They did not specify when or how the University will install extra electronic scanners across campus.

But they did say that students will not be getting new ID stickers as they usually do after winter break, and new IDs will no longer bear stickers. Cardholders can either remove or keep the stickers currently affixed to active ID cards; as Highsmith, Suttle and Stein put it, they “will no longer bear any significance.”

The measure is the latest of several security changes in the wake of the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13 in September. In October, the University revised its workplace security policy, which now lists unacceptable workplace behavior, such as verbal or physical abuse, and requires employees to report threatening behavior to supervisors or authorities.