Among the 730 students who have been offered admission to next year’s freshman class are Ray, Martina, Carol and Kenneth Crouch of Danbury, Conn. — the first set of quadruplets to gain acceptance to Yale in recent memory.

When they went online Tuesday afternoon to check their admissions decisions, all four 18-year-olds were greeted with the same message: “Welcome to the Class of 2014.” After that came a flurry media attention: on Thursday, the Connecticut Post and Danbury’s News-Times both published articles about the foursome, and their story appears on the front page of today’s New York Times.

The four siblings all attend Danbury High School, where they have distinguished themselves in different areas: Ken is a National Merit Scholarship finalist, Carol is heavily involved in community service, Ray is captain of the varsity cross-country team and Martina has won recognition for her original poetry.

It is rare for Yale to accept four students from the same school — let alone from the same family — and Carol Crouch, the quadruplets’ mother, recalled being told on a campus visit that it was unlikely all four siblings would be accepted to Yale, she told the Connecticut Post.

While the Crouch siblings all said they are considering Yale’s offer of admissions, their mother has encouraged them to complete their applications to other schools.

“It comes down to money, as much as I love Yale,” Ken said Thursday to the News-Times.