Newly admitted students to the class of 2014 can now look forward to an array of new features on the admitted students’ Web site. This year’s site will feature video tours of dorm rooms and a YaleWiki with articles on campus life written by current undergraduates.

Accepted students will also be able to engage in a mock shopping period through Yale’s Online Course Information page and even partake in a virtual “Blue Book Party” on the Web site’s message boards. For those eager to learn more about the area surrounding Yale, the site offers Google street views of the New Haven Green, Broadway Street and Hillhouse Avenue, a feature introduced last year.

Other offerings on the site include “Blue Marble,” which allows students to locate peers from around the globe; “Bulldog Chat,” where new admits can connect with current undergraduates and fellow admits; and “Build a Bulldog,” where students can dress a cartoon figure of Handsome Dan and post the image on Facebook.

View more screenshots below: