Lil’ Wayne wasn’t able to get away with criminal possession of a weapon, which he’ll be sentenced for in February. And he definitely shouldn’t be able to get away with “Drop the World,” a recently released track from his upcoming album Rebirth.

Beef # 1: Why pull Eminem out from the rock he was hiding under?

Beef # 2: If I wanted that much angst I would have turned on Avril or Twilight or read a pre-teen’s diary.

The lyrical stylings are hit or miss. I know Lil Wayne can do better than the refrain, “Bitch imma pick the world up and drop it on your fuckin head,” which is not only frightening (considering his track record) but logistically, very unfeasible. He does have his moments, like the memorable, “I could die young and rebirth motherfucker/Hop on a ship and leave earth motherfucker.” I’d totally be up for that. Anything to not take my finals.

Check out the track here: