As final exams wear on, scenesters submit favorite quotes from their current studying endeavors.

“I’ve been in the movie business since 1982, produced fourteen, fifteen movies. I’m used to all forms of deception and manipulation, but to have someone just outright chew your face, basically say, ‘I’m gonna fuck you because I can,’ that was a first for me.”

Bobby Newmyer on Harvey Weinstein from Down and Dirty Pictures: Miramax, Sundance, and the Rise of Independent Film by Peter Biskind (Simon & Schuster, New York: 2004. page 113)

— Submitted by Max Lanman

Salvador Dali wrote in 1953, “Every morning upon awakening, I experience a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali, and I ask myself, wonderstruck, what prodigious thing will he do today, this Salvador Dali.”

— Submitted by La Wang

If this fall in time or land,

Where mis-devotion doth command,

Then he that digs us up will bring

Us to the bishop and the king,

To make us relics; then

Thou shalt be’a Mary Magdalen and I

A something else thereby.

John Donne, The Relic

— Submitted by Esther Zuckerman