Mory’s is resurrecting the “ancient Mory’s tradition of the Hogans” in order to raise an additional $100,000 from members, Board of Governors President Christopher Getman ’64 announced in an e-mail message to Mory’s members Friday.

Members who donate $250 will be Hogans and will have their names placed on a plaque in the hallway nearby the club’s new bar, Getman said in the e-mail. In an interview Friday, Getman elaborated by saying that the $100,000 is “just to get us where we’re comfortable.”

The organization is predicting that it will have soon raised about $2.6 million for the $3.1 million project, the e-mail read. Getman added that the organization is expecting $400,000 collectively from singing groups and people who have purchased the “naming rights” to rooms and items around the restaurant.

Getman said the organization still has to make a decision about when to begin renovations on the building. But he said he is “optimistic” about the summer 2010 opening he projected in an e-mail to members last month.

Read Getman’s full letter below:

December 11, 2009

To: Mory’s Members and Friends

From: Chris Getman ’64, President

We are in the home stretch of our fund raising drive to re-open Mory’s by early summer of 2010. Of the total of $3.1 million needed to complete the renovation and modernization project, construct the Temple Bar with outside seating and provide adequate working capital and reserves to provide a level of comfort going forward, we are on track to have raised slightly more than $2.6 million.

We are confident that by year end we shall have raised an additional $250,000 from singing groups and $150,000 more from the naming rights to the three remaining rooms and other smaller naming opportunities.

We need to raise an additional $100,000 from the membership.

To that end, we are proposing to resurrect an ancient Mory’s tradition of the Hogans. Traditionally the Hogans were a group of a half dozen undergraduates who sent out bills for Louie Linder in exchange for free food and drink.

Cole Porter who was among the very first of the Hogans, wrote a song on the matter in 1912:

Now they’re going to close it—

Louie Linder, change your mind!

When I’m lonely, one place only,

Mory’s Temple Bar

We shall be installing a large plaque in the hallway adjacent to the new bar with the names of all contributors ( “Hogans” ) contributing $250 or more to the rejuvenation project.

As I mentioned in my letter of November 25, these gifts to Mory’s Preservation Inc. are tax-deductible and qualify for reunion class credits for all classes. Gifts must be received by December 31, 2009 to quality for reunion class credit.

Checks can be made out to:

Mory’s Preservation, Inc.

306 York Street

New Haven, CT 06511

Donate online via our website:

To make a donation of securities or by credit card, please contact Robin at 203-562-3157 or email

We hope to receive your contribution by year-end.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. All of us on the Mory’s Board wish you a happy holiday season and prosperous, healthy New Year!