scene is 10 years old. So scene thought, ‘What better way to celebrate the 21st century, than to assault former editors with endless gmails and google waves — very 21st century — prompting them to reflect on the past 10 years?’ But first, here’s our contribution:

Ten years ago,

scene was forced to take a cold shower for

five whole minutes.

scene’s sleepaway camp counselor was a

power hungry bastard.

But now he’s unemployed.

The future presents no food on the table

for camp counselors who throw little boys into cold showers.

A decade ago,

scene found itself in cast

while slipping on the floor in a frenetic dash

clad in a plaid skirt, shirt always untucked

scene blamed the establishment for such a muck

The rain came and a trash bag covered the bruise,

but could never heal that wounded pride.

Now scene is left with a leg smaller on one side.

’Twas oh, 10 very merry years ago

That good Sir scene found himself again

Lost and in the drain. But oh-ho-ho!

What was this new, wild, delightful refrain?

The internet, the world, Web 1.0

People there in the drawing room … and games!

scene also learned how to make a bomb:

A bottle, a rag and some gasoline.

What a romp it’s been, to watch and be scene,

for 10 years of living; like young Omar Searcy,

a few films in pale mists of all cinemas constitute

a few short hours of toil in the fog. But echoes from the future,

of when the 100,000,000th breath of hoary newsprint

wakes us at 4 a.m. (we’ll have hit the hay before twilight),

wake us at the close of dawn, may you and we be sleepy

from having recited too much Milton or whatnot in the backgarden:

may scene’s life and yours be long.