In an article published by the New York Times earlier this week, “In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap,” black college graduates said they fear their ethnicity acts as a larger obstacle than ever before in a tough job market.

One of the interviewees was Terelle Hairston ’06, a Yale alum who has been searching for employment since last summer. (Hairston, a Branfordian, majored in history while at Yale.)

From the article:

“It does weigh on you in the search because you’re wondering, how much is race playing a factor in whether I’m even getting a first call, or whether I’m even getting an in-person interview once they hear my voice and they know I’m probably African-American?” said Terelle Hairston, 25, a graduate of Yale University who has been looking for work since the summer while also trying to get a marketing consulting start-up off the ground. “You even worry that the hiring manager may not be as interested in diversity as the H.R. manager or upper management.”