When I first walked into my Welch room way back in September, there really wasn’t much there. A desk, a bed, some other furniture, and — thankfully — quite a lot of empty space. But there were also these fabulous little packages lying on each desk. What were they? Command Removable Mounting Strips. Three months later, these marvelously sticky strips are still responsible for what is hands down the best part of my room: my hanging tissue box.

We’ve all been in that situation of needing a tissue in the middle of the night but not having one handy, or worse — having to blindly search for the box, often knocking numerous items over in the process. Tissue boxes are also bulky. They take up inconveniently large amounts of space and tend to get in the way. But they are also rather necessary things to keep around. So, confronted by the age-old problem of where to store the tissue box, Command Removable Mounting Strips handed me the perfect solution: why obstruct a surface at all, if the lightweight cardboard container could just be hung on the wall?

It’s a wonderful setup. Often when people see my hanging tissue box they exclaim, “That’s such a good idea! Wherever did you think of that?” I wish I could take credit for this stroke of brilliance. But that wouldn’t be fair. The idea wasn’t really mine at all. It was the application of the mounting strips featured on the cover of the Command package. I guess most people just don’t study their adhesive strip instructions carefully enough.