Though Derek Fujio ’08 was not able to make it back to New Haven for The Game, he found a way to to convey his Bulldog spirit in spite of his physical absence.

Fujio writes:

“I was planning to head back to New Haven for the 126th playing of The Game, but I had a prior commitment at work with my kiddos. Instead, I’m sending some spirit from 1/4 the world away in the YPMB style with a little influence from Sam Tsui. I don’t have a fancy producer or a studio, so this was made with a cheap DV cam, iMovie, GarageBand, a Snowball microphone, and edited down in Final Cut Express. The instruments are the basic step-up instruments to be found in your average middle school bandroom. The infamous Fujio Note took MANY takes to get down, and came out only when I switched from the pro Yamaha Z to the same Bundy student trumpet model that I used for 4 years screaming out those Gs with the YPMB. Go Bulldogs!”