The forecast for Saturday’s Game is a high of 57 degrees, a full 28 degrees warmer than last year’s unusually frigid Game in Cambridge.

You can stop planning your move to Canada. Two letters signed by 650 Yale students, faculty and staff, were sent to Sen. Joe Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 Thursday, urging him to reconsider his pledge to filibuster a bill containing the public option.

Wanted: new University librarian. Following the departure of Alice Prochaska, University President Richard Levin announced Thursday the formation of a search committee for a new chief librarian, headed by English professor Pericles Lewis. Other committee members include psychology professor Paul Bloom, political science professor Douglas Rae and Deputy Provost Lloyd Suttle.

Three New Haven properties caught fire Wednesday. One blaze, at three students’ 336 Edgewood home, is thought to have been started by a kitchen accident. “The kitchen is completely burnt up,” a fire official said. “And the Red Cross had to take the students in.”

Old Campus, though, was lit up Thursday night with festive lights spelling out “JE SUX” across Farnam Hall. While the sentiment may seem redundant and tired to some, most can agree on at least one conclusion: JE SU(X/CKS).

The Pierson College flag was conspicuously missing from Thursday night’s pep rally, despite an alarmed e-mail sent to the college’s community around 4 p.m. Thursday requesting that it be returned.

Cantab chaos. The chair of the Harvard Undergraduate Council’s election commission resigned Thursday after the commission decertified the results of the presidential election amid allegations of voter fraud and tampering.

A chance to stock up on snacks for The Game? The Silliman College dining hall celebrated National Pop-Tart Day on Thursday with a large table in the dining hall with free Pop-tarts of every flavor.

Stop killing mother nature. Members of the Student Taskforce for Environmental Partnership sent e-mails Thursday to remind students to unplug their appliances and defrost their refrigerators before break.

This day in Yale history

1916 Two Yale College students who left campus to “make their fortunes without the benefit of family influence” were found in a Canadian lumber camp. Their fathers made their way to the Canadian Northwest to try to convince the boys to return to their studies.