Two important facts about Yale that I learned before even stepping on campus two months ago: one, it rains an unusual amount here and two, everyone hates Harvard. The first of these facts is proven true almost every other day so imagine my surprise when I walked by Campus Customs on York Street earlier today and saw the bright red Harvard shirt leering at me from the window amidst a plethora of Yale gear.

I was shocked and hurt. This wasn’t the same Campus Customs I knew, the one that sells every single Yale-emblazoned item you could imagine, down to the most useless object (Yale Rubix cube, anyone?), the one whose Web site markets it as the “oldest officially licensed Yale shop on campus.” I walked into the store to further examine the offending item. Maybe it was a joke: I fully expected to turn the shirt around and see the word “sucks,” in which case I could leave feeling relieved.

Sadly, there was no “sucks” to be found. It was not a joke, or rather it was—a cruel, unusual one that Campus Customs was playing on all Yale students, alumni and fans right before the Game, when we need the support the most. Still confused and a bit panicky, I grabbed a shirt from the still-full rack and asked the saleswoman at the counter, “Why are you selling these?”

She replied that it was “in the interest of fairness” to both sides, though she added that they had only sold one so far. Fair? Last time I checked, there’s no “fair” in the word “win.”

If Yale loses the Game on Saturday, you know whom to blame.