Those who have been hankering for a cup of Baker’s Soup since the famed eating club Mory’s closed last December can get their fix at The Game this Saturday — but it may not be exactly the Baker’s Soup they remember.

The soup comes from the modified recipe developed by La Cuisine, the local café, market and catering company newly tasked with overseeing the management of the club. Instead of a manufactured chicken base, the stock for this Baker’s Soup is made from scratch, La Cuisine owner Ben Bloom said.

The Baker’s Soup will be available as part of a tent Mory’s has set up near the Yale Bowl in the tailgate “Hospitality Village,” where, for $50 reservations, Mory’s members can have brunch. The tent will have a Mory’s-like atmosphere, with a wooden bar, Mory’s cups and oars from crew teams of yore. Still, despite the festivities, Mory’s Board of Governor’s President Christopher Getman ’64 said the organization is not pushing for big donations at The Game as they did at the Whiffenpoofs reunion in early October. The tent, he said, is simply to let members and others know what is going on and to sample Bloom’s cuisine.

“It’s to let people know we still exist,” Getman said.

Mory’s closed last December facing a falling endowment and a decline in revenues. Although the club’s association hired an architect in March and was granted the city’s permission for proposed expansions — including additional seating, a bar and an outdoor terrace — in June, renovations have been stalled since the summer.

Having raised about $1.7 million, Getman said, the organization is still waiting for more money to start up renovations.

“We need to get some more cash in before we can make a commitment to the contractors,” Getman said. “We don’t want the project to fall apart when we’re halfway across the river.”

Bloom said work on the bar could start before the end of 2009.

But Bloom, like Getman, also said the main intention of the event is not to raise money for the club, though there will be pledge forms available for guests to make additional donations, Getman said. Instead, he said, it is to have “a gathering point for members on a big weekend.” While the final prices of Saturday’s offerings had not been set as of Wednesday afternoon, Bloom said, the organization expects to break even.

“Brunch costs cover the tent, table and chairs from Yale Athletics and the costs of providing the food and the service,” Bloom said.

The brunch menu features Mory’s classics such as “mini rarebits” and other items, such as “pear stuffed French toast with Connecticut maple syrup.” The club’s controller, Robin Soltesz, said there were about 150 reservations for brunch as of Wednesday afternoon.

Bloom said there will also be a construction schedule and drawings of the proposed renovations for guests to see how Mory’s is progressing. Getman added that the organization will be selling baseball caps with the phrase “Mory’s Matters” displayed across the front and “Friends of Mory’s” on the back. Mory’s has also taken out a radio advertisement on a broadcast of the game, Getman said.

The Mory’s tent will be open from 10 a.m. until halftime, Bloom said.

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