Hope is not lost for those of us who lack sartorial saviness. Men.style.com, recently absorbed by gq.com, digitalizes the ubiquitously classy magazine, bringing impeccable style to your screen. The site is not limited to fine clothing, however. The best of Style, News+Politics, Entertainment, Women, Sports, Food+Travel, Cars+Gear, How To and Video are compiled on the site.

The fashion sections are not just champagne-like cascades of designer brand names. While haute couture runway shows are covered, there are interesting sections for those who can’t afford that fur-lined Prada coat. “Project Upgrader” takes men from frumpiness to flair, “The Style Guy” answers any question that could plague a man, “GQ Rules” shows you how to dress better in 15 days, and the Style section features the occasional “Season’s best jackets under $500” slideshow/article.

Offering the best in politics to women to clothing, GQ.com is an essential addition to the modern gentleman’s bookmark bar.